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I wish you the warmest welcome to the Website of the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy. In this space of communication and interaction with visitors, will be presented all the programs and services offered by this the Ministry, Starting with a historical framework review of the Hydrocarbon and mining sector to the presentation of current and future projects in the sector. This page offers the possibility to make available to you, web visitors, all information that relates to: the operation of the Ministry structure , procedures of administrative acts, investment projects, the strategies cp /-m/p and l/p, the social corporative responsibility actions, human potential encouragement, provision of an interaction space between our institution, etc… In addition to be presented as a dynamic tool for your regular updating. As you well know, the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea has made the Extractive Sector the impulse key of the strategy for economic and social development in our country. While We work to expand the innovation capacity of all participants in the economy, we strive to increase the value and potential of natural resources ,in particular the hydrocarbons (oil and gas), energy and mineral resources, all thereby tending to the increment of the active population and development of professional competencies of human resources, which translates into an improvement in the economic and social welfare of the country. All this framed within the Country National Plan of Industrialization, “National Plan Horizonte 2020”, whose the main objective is to achieve the emergence of Equatorial Guinea. The website of the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy is created to be useful as an information source and, depending on a visitor’s interests, resources for the development of energy, minerals and petroleum, research, science and technology, community connectivity, processing services or information technology. Equatorial Guinea, has a multitude of resources, potential mineral deposits that remain to be discovered, besides the study and implementation of projects for the impulse to clean energy in favour of economic, social and environmental sustainability, aimed at the construction of a prosperous country for all.



 Thank you so much


 Gabriel Mbaga OBIANG LIMA


 Minister of Mines, Industry and Energy

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