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According to the latest Resolution of the Government Presidency dated the 29th December 2011 and in Chapter II, the Directorate General of EITI is responsible for coordinating the implementation of EITI in Equatorial Guinea itself constituting a Secretariat Standing of the EITI National Commission in Equatorial Guinea. The DG attributions are:

Follow up the implementation of the EITI work plan, throwing early warning against the arrears or defaults and raising the National Commission all for her to take the necessary measures to overcome difficulties and to ensure the achievement of the objectives. Facilitate the formation of the group Civil Society to go along with EITI-GE and support the revision of the framework of the Civil Society;

Organize meetings of the National Commission; distribute agendas; prepare minutes; distribute working documents; support groups in decision-making.

Make the necessary arrangements to get financing through the General Budget of the State, of the EITI General Direction and the EITI work plan, as well as the cost of the conciliatory company, the company specialized in communication and the validator. Equally to manage the financial and / or logistical support of companies and / or the donor community to ease the activities of the Work Plan. Help the National Commission to identify and resolve any barriers to the EITI implementation. Inclusive consultation and draft new regulations or legislations.

Administer the tendering of bids for the selection of companies conciliatory, communicators and validating; sign contracts and manage the payment for their services.

Coordinate with relevant Government agencies providing figures on government revenues to be conciled and to facilitate access to the information that will allow the company to produce the report.

Inform the outside National Commission groups about EITI through workshops, conferences and press briefings ,and maintain an updated website.

Organize study visits and invite representatives of other EITI implementing countries to exchange experiences and finally Administer the donations of the External Cooperation Agencies.

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