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Actually , the electricity sector in Equatorial Guinea is expanding. The Equatorial Guinea ‘s government declares  the national electrification process as one of its main strategies for development. In Equatorial Guinea over 30 electrification projects are currently underway in the fields of production, transport, distribution and marketing of electricity, with a total investment of 1,700 million euros. Is expected to  be conclude this year many of the projects currently running.

Within the framework of the Strategic Plan Horizon 2020, the electrification program describes a series of priority actions that have been developed in recent years :



  1. Harnessing the potential of the Wele River hydrological
  2. Strengthening the capacity of the island of Bioko and utilization of its hydroelectric potential
  3. Remodeling, expansion and adaptation of the grid
  4. Commitment to clean and renewable energy
  5. Creating an Energy Act
  6. Restructuring  the SEGESA Company
  7. Training of the personal of the electricity sector
  8. Expansion of the electricity grid in rural areas

Given the low population density in rural areas in Equatorial Guinea , is being projected utilization of infrastructure created to supply electricity to neighboring countries. Protocols border arrangements for the transfer of energy between Equatorial Guinea , Gabon and Cameroon currently in its initial phase .



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