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A Delegation of the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy attends the meeting of Ministers of G77 + China in Tarija – Bolivia.

G77+China  Intervencion del Secretario de Estado de Minas

  The past 28 and 29 November in the city of Tarija, Bolivia, took place the meeting of the Group77 + China Ministers , sponsored by the Government of Bolivia, as the turn Chairman of this organization and the UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization industrial). The delegation of Equatorial Guinea was composed by the Secretary of State for Mines, ... Read More »

EG Lauches Training Programs In Safety, Education


The government of Equatorial Guinea has launched two international training programs aimed at building capacity in the natural-resources sector and improving education and literacy. Equatorial Guinea has partnered with http://hydracsa.com/html/enHydrac, a company that safeguards installations and investments for the petroleum industry in Cameroon and the Gulf of Guinea region, to provide training and technical assistance. A delegation of specialists in control and ... Read More »

TOGY talks to Gabriel Mbaga Obiang Lima


TOGY talks to Gabriel Mbaga Obiang Lima In less than two decades Equatorial Guinea’s oil and gas industry has propelled the small nation from one of the poorest countries in Africa to its third-largest oil and gas producer. The country also has the highest GDP per capita on the continent. Delegate Minister of Mines, Energy and Industry, Gabriel Mbaga Obiang ... Read More »